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     yb亚博真人娱乐,肩负安全与节能的永恒使命,创立于2020年3月,是一家提供物联网硬件和系统解决方案的科技型公司。始终秉承“用户为根 · 创新为本”的根本理念,致力于将系统的智能、安全、节能体验提升到新的高度。


UE technology is a complete electric manufacturing solution service provider comprising of Design, Development, Manufacturing,Assembly and Test. We are one of the most top rated electric manufacturing companies and original equipment manufacturer(OEM) in China.


Our line of products primarily includes circuit breakers, distribution boxes, sockets and outlets that set the benchmark for high-quality design and manufacturing of electrical equipments. We own two manufacturing facilities and invested in an automatic and efficient process while mitigating the spiraling costs. We are proud of our long-relationship with customers, cultivated for years as a trustworthy OEM partner with strong technical capabilities and expertise.We have a proven record in providing quality products and services to the global market.

We team up with more than 50 key engineers coming from electrical engineering and Internet of Things(IOT) background therefore also provide smart electrical systems for apartments, hotels, schools and commercial offices.

UE technology firmly believes in transforming clients’ visionary requirements to realities.We are here to build OEM products and scale it for the global market. If you are seeking high-quality,complex designed,toughly built electrical equipments, you will be more than welcome to contact us via the below address:



联系地址:陕西省西安市雁塔区鱼化工业园鱼跃路56号B座2层 2nd Floor No.56 Yu Yue Road, Yanta District, City of Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

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